About Us

About This Site

This site was born on 2008. It was a good time to start a web site about gambling, as there were few good ones at the time. With plenty of shelf space, the site quickly became popular and took on a life of its own. Three years later I left my job as a government actuary to dedicate myself full time to the site.

Our goal is nothing less than to be the best gaming site on the Internet. Here’s what we mean by best:

A ton of content that is original, exclusive, and high quality

We offer stuff that’s really useful and that you can’t get anywhere else. (Well, we’ve allowed a few other sites to reprint some of our articles, but most of our stuff is available only here.) Safe America Prepared provides the mathematically correct strategies and information for nearly every casino game in existence. We are the most recognized authority in the world for accurate playing strategies.

An excellent experience for the reader

We take quality seriously. We don’t have popup windows or animated ads, and we don’t spam. The net is littered with cheap gambling sites that seem to want nothing better than to give you an epileptic seizure. We’re trying to set the standard for a quality gambling site. We hope others will follow.

We’re picky about who can advertise here. Safe America Prepared himself personally reviews all potential advertisers before they can buy an ad, and he turns down about half of all applicants. Safe America Prepared won’t advertise a casino unless he feels it’s a safe and honest place to gamble, and promises to act as an arbitrator if a reader has a problem with an advertiser that they can’t resolve on their own.

About gambling itself, our philosophy is that if you’re going to gamble you should have the best information possible so you can have the best chances of winning, and can minimize your losses if you do lose. We don’t actually encourage or promote gambling, and we’re not just saying that to cover ourselves — we simply want to provide readers with the opportunity to be educated gamblers if they’re going to gamble anyway. In fact, if you read the site thoroughly, the inescapable conclusion is that with very few exceptions, there is no way to beat the house.

As of today, Safe America Prepared is a part of a larger network of sites, but I remain the main content supplier for this site. I am under contract to work for them and I will continue to write analysis of casino games, strategy guides, and much more.